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Imagine Your Story

COVID 19 Presentation Production Update:

Because of social distancing and responsible changes in production pacing, Le Gros Fromage will not be completed until 2021.  Stay safe and continue to practice social distancing and good hand washing practices and we will get through this.

Tall Tales, Folk Tales, Mythology, and Fantasy

After the success of 2019's Apollo Anniversary presentation we decided to expand our options for elementary school and public libraries interested in summer presentations.  Since the 2020 Summer Reading Program's theme of "Imagine Your Story"is heavily tied to Tall Tales, Folk Tales, Mythology, and Fantasy it made sense to split them into 4 groups.  Below is a table showing the grade bands and the topics covered.  Note that for each one there are some suggested books that tie into that theme.

PreK and K

Tall Tales

"Le Gros Fromage"

What if the Cow that jumped over the moon really made the Milky Way?

Could you count to a billion with the stars?

1 and 2

Folk Tale

Ursa Major and Minor play a role in the First Nation story of the maidens and the bear

3 and 4


What if all the stars in the sky were really diamonds?  Who better to protect them than a dragon that never sleeps?

5 and 6


The story of Perseus and Andromeda, with special appearances by Medusa, Pegasus, and a Sea Monster

Show rates:

Single showing    $100   (Presentation and a star talk on the current night sky to equal 1 hour)

Half Day Rental    $300   (Approx 4 showings)

Full Day Rental     $550   (Approx 8 showings)

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